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At DBU, we understand the importance of family support in a student’s educational journey. Our commitment extends to providing families with resources and information to actively participate in the academic experience. Family-oriented events, workshops, and informative sessions are organized to strengthen the bond between the institution and the support networks of our students. We believe that a collaborative approach involving both the university and families creates an environment conducive to student success and personal growth.

Parents’ Club

The Device Business University Parents’ Club is a community of parents, families and guardians with the aim offers parents and guardians opportunities to learn, connect and have fun.

The club also provides scholarships to Stanford students and fosters a deep culture of volunteerism supporting both Stanford University and the Stanford family community.

Membership is free of charge.

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Our Programs

– Distinguished Speaker Series

These meetings are an opportunity for Device Business University Parents’ Club members to hear about updates and events followed by our Distinguished Speaker, typically a faculty member, who will present on an interesting topic of their expertise in an area of study/research and innovation.

In addition to that, the parents will also get an invite to our seminars to grow and evolve together as one.

– Student Support Programs

The Student Support Programs at Device Business University offer a comprehensive framework through which parents can actively contribute to the success of their students. These programs provide a range of support mechanisms, including special funding initiatives, organized industrial visits, opportunities for experience sharing, and financial assistance.

By participating in these programs, parents play a pivotal role in enhancing the academic and professional journey of Device Business University students. Whether it’s contributing to specialized funding projects, participating in insightful industrial visits, or offering valuable experiences, parents are integral partners in creating a supportive and enriching environment for their students.



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